Funny Videos On The Internet

Find The Funniest Videos On The Internet To Share

Certainly you’ve looked at funny videos on the web before, and you know that you can find many on YouTube. YouTube has such a hold on the video market thanks to Google that it’s hard to imagine running into funny videos any other way right? Wrong, you just have to think outside the box. Humans are creatures of habit, so they think just “YouTube.”

YouTube, however, is everywhere, shared on social media sites, blogs and more. Additionally, there are sites like Instagram, and Vine, which Twitter owns. Vine has very popular and funny videos because that is the whole idea behind these clips that last just a few seconds.

People make Vines for all kinds of reasons, and there are some really funny ones out there. These are often shared on Twitter, and then the really popular ones can be found anywhere.

One thing about finding the funniest videos is knowing keywords and how to search. Naturally, these keywords are going to be centered on what you find funny. What’s funny to one person isn’t always funny to another person. Therefore, you have to think about what you want to search about.

For instance, one person might be searching news bloopers videos. Those have always been popular. There are those funniest videos that are universal in nature, like the ones showing children or pets doing funny things. Additionally, any bloopers regarding the President or some other political or entertainment figure is always funny.

Many funny videos are ones that are created by users. On YouTube, these users have their own channels and develop a following. There are other platforms, too, that do have these funny videos that are made by users.

If you like a certain type of funny videos, there are also often niche sites about funny videos. You can find these by searching for the funniest videos in certain categories with a search engine.

There are a ton of ways to yield the funniest video results on the web. The ones trending are always changing, so social media is definitely a great way to keep up with the latest videos.

One thing you can do on social media is to find the people promoting the funny videos. They do this quite a bit on Twitter based on certain categories. Using all of these strategies to find the funniest videos will definitely ensure you score some good ones.


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